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i looked online and checked the fuse box in addition to the battery. confident as heck, the leading direct is burned. i am possessing challenges now just finding the element. is this now a remember merchandise the dealership will deal with? chuck h. stated

1504 days in the past 2004 vw beetle convertible 2.0 my wifes aspiration vehicle We as well have experienced our spouse and children place in harms way several times my wife my two youngsters and i wer driving down the interstate as well as car or truck would eliminate electricity and we Practically wrecked a couple of times when that will occur but equally as brief mainly because it started to shed power it would get and go like very little experienced transpired we took it to mechanics and they would tell us theres no code its fantastic they saved indicating its ur battery so We now have replaced the battery a few times and just yesterday my wife called me crying that her automobile is broke down inside the road Once i went to jump her car or truck just so we could get it house and out on the road her rpms wer jumping to 4000 rpms likely up and down the vehicle was sputtering and back again fireing her alternator went out as well as the battery fried also my tahoe alternator went out and fried my battery And that i experienced to obtain some one appear leap my tahoe so i could tow her property my rpms started leaping up and down also now I had been in the identical boat towed my wifes car residence on 9 volts of electrical power acquired it property oppend up the hood to have a look at it the fuse distribution was friedand melted plesae allow me to determine what we must do this we dont have to keep replacing alternators and batteries and putting my family members in harms way Jaden s. said

1483 days back Exact same issue. Changed battery and alternator two times in the past. Today daughter is driving and the many lights come on and motor vehicle dies leaving her stranded. When does this conclude? Marla W. said

1265 times ago The situation lies While using the VW 'BEAN COUNTERS' who saved a number of pennies per car by installing a cheap wire cable from the alternator for the fuse box.

1098 times in the past My wifes 2004 beetle has precisely the same challenge..,,the alternatoor black cable to the fuse block was burned and the a hundred and fifty amp fuse backlink was burned open.. Hence the alternator was not charging the battery. .resulting in the car to run on the battery then if the battery voltage was to reduced.

1394 times back Features a remember been issued for this challenge? I've experienced the fuse box melt two times now and it has remaining my son stranded several times previously handful of months.

1043 times in the past We've got a '03 Beetle and also have had this fuse box melt twice and second time burned up the alternator as well. All repairs accomplished in the dealership. Bridgette L. said

1249 times in the past My ninety eight beetle has experienced power concerns for just a 12 months And eventually discovered it had been this precise challenge yesterday when it melted down on me and designed the car shut off rather than restart said

1810 times ago I'm getting that very same concern, I've a 2004vw that I've purchased a brand-new alternator/fuse box and it nonetheless has difficulties. The fuse box retain acquiring sizzling and can trigger the alternator to burn out or have a brief that is definitely hard to find. kirsten j. claimed

823 days back 2004 VW Beetle exact same dilemma cuts off going down the road. Battery fuse box black wire has melted. Replaced The full fuse box hooked almost everything back again up.

1224 times in the past identical problem in charlottesville va. I have replaced the fuse box, replaced the alternator, and also the 4 gauge cable operating within the alternator for the fuse box. Im nevertheless getting it burn off.This is adangerous problem a few months back the cable had burn off so poor that it experienced missing link towards the fuse box.

I'd spoken on the VW Service supervisor in London, ON with regards to the excessive heating concern, but he seemed me in the attention and denied he was aware of any others with this situation!

ROTOR: The rotor assembly includes multiple "pole shoes", copper discipline windings, and also the slip rings, all mounted on the central shaft of your alternator. Numerous "N" and "S" poles over the rotor go through the various sets of stator windings (in teams of three) for making 3 section AC present-day.

1411 times back Son's 1999 beetle caught fire although on way You could try here home from drill. Motor vehicle total decline in addition to a huge heap of steel sitting on facet in the road. Is there nevertheless a means to be portion of the lawsuit? Jerod M. stated

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